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Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.
Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.

Solidarity Film Camp

February 1, 2020

Once again I had the pleasure to work on an Andrea Beça documentary. This time the documentary crew was tasked with capturing a filmmaking camp while Andrea simultaneously directed us and the camp itself.

Solidarity Film Camp - The Documentary (2020) dir. Andrea Beça, behind the scenes captured by Nanc Price Photography

What is Solidarity Film Camp?

Solidarity Film Camp (SFC) is a film camp that aims to educate, empower, and inspire marginalized youth in the Edmonton community to share their stories and change the world through storytelling and film. (In this context, “marginalized youth” refers to female, trans*, non-binary, BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ identifying, and disabled youth, ages 14-24.)

We know that male leads outnumber female leads two to one. We know that white leads outnumber leads of colour four to one. We know fewer that 1% of family films feature a LGBTQIA2S+ lead, and the same rate holds for family films featuring leads with a disability (more info here). SFC is grounded in the belief that it is crucial to take active, intentional steps towards increasing diversity and representation in film and TV, because representation matters!


Being the boom operator gave me the fly on the wall experience as I hovered between workshops, activities, and conversations. Tamarra Lessard, on camera, and I became a dynamic duo capturing the amazing work and learning that the participants were demonstrating. As a queer female filmmaker I couldn’t be more excited for a camp like SFC to exist for young people!

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