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Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.
Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.

Official Selection: STAY

July 29, 2021


13 Minutes of Horror is a 60-second film challenge showcasing woman-identifying horror filmmakers, inclusive of BIPOC women, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women, and non-binary creators. Several films will be featured between August 13 - 15, including thirteen official selections.

From Nyx Horror Collective

THRILLS AND CHILLS! That is what I felt when I opened my inbox to discover that STAY, our one-minute horror film, was selected to be one of thirteen shorts to be featured in Nyx Horror Collective's inaugural 13 Minutes of Horror Film Festival. Click the link for the whole line up of 13 films!

Nyx Horror has also put together another amazing opportunity for the filmmakers: the festival will be streaming on SHUDDER from August 13th - September 13th!

I am so excited to see the other films in this unique festival. It's incredible how varied, creative, and scary a film of only ONE MINUTE can be.

Read more about #13MinutesOfHorror:

Our inaugural theme is FOLKLORE. Filmmakers may pull from myths, fables, campfire stories, ghost stories, urban legends, folktales, and even family histories or personal experiences with the supernatural or paranormal.

Festival Website

STAY is the result of a collaboration between myself, Corinne Simpson, and Greg deJong. Corinne penned horror stories the length of a single tweet making those spooky tweets the perfect inspiration to create a film for the Gotta Minute Film Festival, a festival of one-minute silent short films to be exhibited on transit platforms. We shot STAY in my creepy old basement on the May Long Weekend of 2018, using practical effects and lighting to create ghostly intent. Greg did majority of the camera work as Corinne and I became the actors when our volunteer cast had to bow out.

A side benefit of this micro-short film, for me, was to get more experience with film equipment, directing, editing, and self-producing. It was the perfect sized project to sink my teeth into in addition to it being a surprisingly challenging task. At this point I had only made one short film and I was in pre-production for THE BRINK.

I spent (too many) hours sweating over the edit (largely due to the old FAVA's stuffy editing suite in summer temperatures). Editing STAY was especially laborious because we had so much fun shooting the film we had a tremendous amount of footage. Whittling it down to 60 seconds an exercise in ruthless precision. The last 6 seconds where the hardest to cut while still retaining the lingering eerie images we wanted.

The following year, 2019, we created another "Tiny Horror" titled Vanity.

I commend Nyx Horror Collective's creativity, support, and hustle on behalf of the filmmakers. They have an incredible line up of festival events that are all FREE but I highly recommend you send them a donation!

Remember to stay tuned for details about the screening details from August 13th - September 13th!

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