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Another Dimension Man


Another Dimension Man is my first film produced for the Video Kitchen Introductory Filmmaking Course in 2015 from the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta. The goal was to produce a five minute movie to screen at Metro Cinema and this silly story is the result.

Arguably, I truly made my first film around the turn of the century with a friend's big brother's poor quality webcam using Playmobile and Godzilla figures. It took hours and painstaking attention to detail to capture a stop-motion monster invasion story worthy of explosions and terror.

When I was young, I never took my dreams of making films seriously. It just didn't seem possible for someone like me. An avid writer and obnoxiously nerdy, I was always writing and world building. I created comics, novels, short stories, poems, and scripts for games. I thought writing was the only way I could possibly be a storyteller.

My 20s were filled with post-secondary, uncertainty, and self-doubt. Despite all of that in 2015, thanks to  intro filmmaking class, I made my first film.

Making this silly SciFi movie about a reality TV star from another dimension was an great learning experience. Taking something from concept to big screen was scary, hard, weird, exhilarating, and humbling. I had the amazing support of some of FAVA's longtime members like Dave Morgan, Ric Gustavsen, and Joel Higham. My cast and crew, Cody Porter, Elena Porter, Sylvia Moon, Dave Frotten and Parker Thiessen generously offered their talents to my clunky script. Truth be told, the worst part of the film is the dialogue I wrote and I feel quite comfortable admitting that. Although it's amateur, weak writing, and goofy it was exactly what it needed to be at the time and, well, it was my first film: I was a goofy amateur. And it was a lot of fun.

I am forever grateful to the community that enabled and empowered me to learn by experience.

Watch the Film

Behind the Scenes


Cody Porter as Another Dimension Man
Elena Porter as Kelly Jones
Sylvia Moon as Janet Chung
Mark Stubbings as Police Officer


Written & Directed by:
Sylvia Douglas

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, & LX:
Ric Gustavsen

Production Assistant & Grip:
Dave Morgan

Sound Recording & Boom Operator:
Dave Frotten

Music & Graphic Design:
Parker Thiessen

Picture Editor & Post Production:
Joel Higham

Thank you:
The Staff at FAVA
Clinton Carew
Jamie McRae
Tracie Louttit

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