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Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.
Filmmaker, print maker, and waffle maker Sylvia Douglas.


2021 - In Development
After receiving traumatic electro-convulsive therapy, Frankie, a 30-year-old queer woman living in a 1970s homophobic Prairie city, discovers she is a conduit for supernatural energy. She enters a tumultuous relationship with a woman her heightened emotions amplify the supernatural energies, and they grow more dangerous threatening her life.

With ECHOES I am creating a haunting world embellished with folk, rock’n’roll, and disco music on the air, populated by flawed characters shunned from their society and fighting for their own self-acceptance. This is a story about mental illness ultimately being the main character’s strength because surviving with depression has made her resilient and self-aware.

Electricity, transmissions, and static permeate through the screen play. The main character receives electro convulsive treatment, she goes back to her job as a radio librarian surrounded by the crackles of dusty records playing, the ghosts are charged with electric ferocity, music drifts on radio waves, and the climax results from surging energy that demands a dramatic shock and discharge.

I am currently working on another draft of Echoes with great thanks to Women in Film and Television and the Edmonton Arts Council for supporting my feature length screenplay.

Work in Progress

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